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Hollis Turns Three (+ Whole30 Day 16}

Well, my sweet pea is three. And what a wonderful day we had together! Nothing like starting the morning out with a birthday present (fresh bedhead and all). (It was this bathtub toy that didn’t work very well. I got it off Hautelook so I need to see if it’s returnable or not. At least I didn’t pay full price!)
 photo 1-7_zps0c0ae291.jpg
Some paleo pumpkin pancakes topped with syrup, whipped cream, and mini chocolate chips was the perfect birthday breakfast for our girl. And let’s be honest, all she really cared about were the “chwocwate chwips”.
 photo IMG_6474_zps9e3c3b75.jpg
When the weather forecast called for 60+ degree day, I knew a little party at the park with her friends was the perfect way for her to spend her afternoon! Lots of playing, yelling, and mostly enjoying the sunshine.
 photo IMG_6479_zps57405e27.jpg
 photo IMG_6481_zps9616db77.jpg
 photo IMG_6486_zpsd30091fe.jpg
 photo IMG_6502_zps82cb2216.jpg
 photo IMG_6503_zpscbd84b16.jpg
Little brother and his baton (that he kept a death grip on for the first half hour we were there)
 photo 2-6_zps9d1a87e8.jpg
A little picnic with snacks and treats! Including these little beauties: Food Babe’s Almond Butter Brownies layered with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. It was slightly torturous putting these together!
 photo photo25_zpsa1a7d87b.jpg
Hollis LOVED her party at the park. It combined her favorite things: friends, playing outside, playing on “huge toys”, treats, her little brother, and the sunshine!
 photo 4-6_zps482f4a46.jpg
Back home for the next round of the party….Daddy had her “big” present ready and waiting. She had to follow the string all around the house and yard.
 photo 5-5_zps75540936.jpg
 photo 6-5_zps6a95ca9c.jpg
…which led her to her pink Strider bike! For whatever reason, she started whining and saying “Nooooo!” as soon as she saw it (?!?). She literally ran away from it and hid her head in my legs. Um…not the reaction we were going for? Within a few minutes she had settled down and put her helmet on. And was touching the bike! So that was progress. We’ll see how long it takes to make some progress on learning how to actually ride the bike.
 photo IMG_6517_zps404fb9c1.jpg
We had some of her favorites for dinner: hamburgers (homemade patties, no buns) and fries (sweet potato fries fried in tallow). Really, anything that she can dip in ketchup is a favorite for her! Then it was blowing out some candles and then she finally let us sing her “happy birthday”. Also, right before bedtime she said “I love my birthday, mommy. And I love all the presents you got me.” It really was the perfect day!

Three Things I Love About Hollis
1) I love her imagination. She is so into creative play right now. She is constantly busy in her kitchen, making food, cooking, and trying to feed me and little brother. She loves to play library – she wants me to be “the lady” and check her books out for her. She also loves playing with her babies, and she is the best mommy to them. She’ll turn all the lights off and say “shhh, my baby is sleeping!” (Where did she get that from?!?) 😉 She is always feeding, rocking, and cuddling her baby and telling me what her baby needs. I just love watching her imagination grow and blossom!
2) I love watching her as a big sister. She is sooo incredibly affectionate and caring with Parks. She is always looking out for him, and telling me what he needs. If he is fussy or upset she gives me ideas on what I could do to make him happy. She (sometimes) loves to share with him. She loves to make him laugh and giggle. And she loves to be excited for him when he learns new things. I just love watching the two of them together. And I love the feeling of responsibility and pride that you can see growing in her as a big sister!
3) I love how sweet and affectionate she is. Her main love language is definitely physical touch, and she is constantly hugging, snuggling, and wanting to be in close physical proximity to me. She needs her little love tank filled up throughout the day. If she’s starting to lose it or get really whiny or difficult, I know that a quick snuggle session helps her feel connected and fills her back up, and gets her back on track. She loves to brush and play with me hair, she loves to let me hug and kiss her (right now she’s into “wiping” the kisses off, but then quickly asks for more 🙂 ).
 photo IMG_6432_zps2565ba15.jpg
 photo IMG_6429_zps442b8f22.jpg
 photo IMG_6420_zps394bbc61.jpg
(this was a pose she wanted to do):
 photo IMG_6454_zpse3f8a3f9.jpg

Happy Birthday to my little Sweet Pea, my Punkin, my Tootie, my Precious Girl….my love and my heart.


{Whole30} Day 15

I have officially completed two weeks of the Whole 30! In some ways it’s gone so fast and has seemed pretty easy. In other ways I cannot believe it’s only been two weeks…feels like forever since I’ve had butter :). I am feeling pretty good. I’ve definitely felt some energy surges, but honestly nothing quite as extreme as some of the testimonials I’ve read. Really wish I could a full night of sleep so that I could get a true feeling of what the difference is! Regarding sleep though, I am definitely noticing that I am sleeping more soundly and falling asleep quicker than normal. When one of the kids wakes up at night, it seems like it takes me forever to actually wake up, even though I’ve been hearing the cry for several minutes. I am noticing some changes in my skin, too. It’s certainly not perfect but the overall surface and appearance is smoother. And, it’s not dry at all! This time of year I ALWAYS have at least one little dry patch somewhere on my face, and also usually one on my arm. There are definitely none of those, not to mention my skin just feels soft and supple. Like if I were to forget to put lotion on at night, it wouldn’t really matter.

Going forward for the remaining two weeks I am excited about continuing to mix it up and try new recipes. I think one of the keys to Whole 30 is to keep a variety going in your meals. I don’t mind eating up leftovers, but it’s also good for me to always have 2-3 recipes in my head that I know I want to try. I am continually scanning the #whole30 hashtag on Instagram to get new ideas and inspiration. Breakfast is definitely the hardest, since it’s hard to come up with much variety! And I also just don’t have a lot of time in the morning, what with my two little hungry rascals that are hanging on my legs :).

Speaking of a lack of variety, I basically recreated my dinner from last night. Couldn’t help it, that fried sweet potatoes + chicken sausage combo was so good! This time I added diced green pepper and spinach to the mix. And then threw a couple fried eggs on top. Avocado on the side, of course.
 photo IMG_5132_zps4f4c2484.jpg

More pot roast.

I recently picked up some Green Tea Matcha powder, after reading this post. I gave it a try today in a little smoothie concoction that I came up with:

one cup coconut milk
one frozen banana
one spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder
one spoonful of coconut oil
probably 1.5 tsp of green matcha powder
a couple ice cubes

It was SO good! I didn’t really taste the powder so I would probably add more next time. Loved it though!

More pot roast. Ummmm didn’t feel like cooking. The kids had already been fed and put to bed, and Bret was making a steak. So I just ate what I could find to get it over with!

{Whole30} Day 14

As you can see, this was not an “ideal” breakfast. Not very heavy on the protein, nor heavy on the veggies. And, I definitely felt it! I was hungry less than two hours after eating. Compared to one of my better breakfasts which can last me 4+ hours. Lesson learned! I had leftover veggie fritatta, avocado, and a bowl of pineapple and blueberries.
 photo IMG_5127_zps0bafe284.jpg

Leftover pot roast from last night.

Dinner needed to be quick and easy tonight! I filled a skillet with diced sweet potatoes and sliced chicken apple sausage. I wanted to get them good and crispy (I’m not a fan of soft sweet potatoes). A pan on sauteed green beans on the side (add a little coconut aminos + orange juice right at the end to give it a nice flavor kick!). This was actually REALLY good! Even Bret loved it (he usually hates the chicken sausage).
 photo IMG_5128_zps0dbafe5f.jpg

{Whole30} Day 13

Well, today was my last day with Grace, so I decided to whip up a little something special for breakfast. Now, the ingredients are all “legal” although, the dish itself really isn’t. But oh well. I wanted to make Grace a grain-free Dutch Baby, and that’s what I did! This is one of my most favorite, protein packed, quick and easy breakfasts. If you have your ingredients blended up and sitting in your fridge the night before, then it’s simply a matter of pouring it into the pan and waiting the 18 minutes for it to bake. And, the kids absolutely love it, so that’s a plus. In fact, I have served it to quite a few people and they’ve all loved it! It’s so good with butter slathered on top (ghee in my case for today), a pile of fresh berries, and syrup (or, applesauce if you’re Whole30 style!). Yummmm.
 photo IMG_5102_zpse076fb5a.jpg

I had another spinach salad (like yesterday), and then ate up one of the last acorn squash + salmon patties.
 photo IMG_5101_zpsb0964db9.jpg

You know you’re actually truly hungry when you eat this for a snack: summer sausage (organic, grass fed, and nitrate-free) slices with (cold) sliced beets. I was trying hard to be “good” and not reach for a handful of nuts or fruit….so I opened the fridge and had this on a plate 60 seconds later. And really, it was pretty good! A little drizzle of balsamic plus a sprinkle of salt on the beets and they were good to go.
 photo IMG_5103_zpsd8449f93.jpg

Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast. Pot Roast has always been one of my all time favorite meals. In fact, I can remember many years growing up when that was what I requested for my birthday dinner. Is that a weird birthday dinner for a 12 year old girl to ask for?! But I love it. And I fell even more in love when I found PW’s version. Holy delicious. The simplest preparation, too. Simply brown your meat, onions, and carrots in your dutch oven. Then deglaze the pan with some broth. Throw the meat and veggies back in, and add the super stellar ingredients that take it over the top: several sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme. Make sure they’re pushed down into the juices. Then bake it low and slow (275 for 4+ hours). It’s so flavorful it’s almost sweet. Those juices are the best thing you’ve ever tasted. Of course, there’s nothing better than some roasted potatoes to soak up the juices….but of course today those had to be omitted. I did add some steamed broccoli on the side, and it was pretty tasty after rolling around in the juice on my plate! (Broccoli not pictured).
 photo IMG_5105_zps1193c08f.jpg

Goodbye, Gracie! Thank you so much for visiting me and the little rascals! I had so much fun with you! And thank you for joining me on my culinary adventure :).
 photo IMG_5077_zpsa516c1c6.jpg

{Whole30} Day 12

Veggie Frittata and sweet potato hashbrowns (also avocado on the side, not pictured). I ordered 10 POUNDS of these sweet potatoes from my food co-op (Azure Standard). Annnnnd they sent me the white kind. I don’t even know if they carry the orange kind, but I was pretty disappointed that I ended up with the white kind. And now I have about 9.5 more pounds of ’em sitting on my shelf. Anyone want some?
 photo IMG_5100_zps36da29e7.jpg

Spinach Salad with warm bacon grease dressing. Mmmmhmmm that’s as good as it sounds. Love this recipe, and I added avocado and tomato this time.
 photo IMG_5101_zpsb0964db9.jpg

Grace and I got to continue our favorite activity of Eating Out. We went to Downriver Grill, one of my favorite Spokane Restaurants. I was excited to see that they revamped the place a bit (updated look) and changed the menu a bit. Was it just me, or have they lowered their prices?! I mean, $24 for a NICE grassfed Steak with veggie + starch sides? Pretty impressive. And yes, it was delicious. And yes, I subbed my starch for a salad. FTW. (No pic unfortunately. It was dark in there, not to mention I forgot).