{Whole30} Day 3

Today I felt way more hungry throughout the day compared to the first two days. Could be because I didn’t have the most filling lunch ever? Oh well. Other than that I felt pretty normal.

Trying to make breakfast was rough. Parks has a terrible cold right now and he is completely miserable. So he was basically sitting on the floor and crying, or, clinging to my leg and crying. So then I was trying to hold him and cook at the same time. I actually cut my red pepper with scissors, because that’s the only way I could do it one handed. I ended up with not as many veggies as I would like to, simply because I didn’t have the chance to cut and cook them. And, hence, the whole tomato in the photo. I rushed to take this pic because the kids were in their chairs, starving and waiting for me to come feed them. Also, a note on the bacon. First of all, did you know it’s impossible to find bacon without sweetener in it? Yep. So then I was browsing through the Whole9 Forums the other day and people were talking about bacon. One of the moderators suggested buying uncured pork belly straight from the butcher, and frying it up in ghee with salt and pepper. Score! I have 5 pounds of pork belly in the freezer from our 1/2 pig that we got last year! I’ve been needing/meaning to cure and smoke it myself, but haven’t done it yet. So, I gave her suggestion a try this morning…..not so sold on it. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t have that awesome “bacon” flavor that makes bacon, well, bacon. It just tasted like fried pork with salt and pepper. So…back to the drawing board.
 photo photo1_zpsec150acf.jpg
Leftover soup from last night. I ate all that was left but it wasn’t enough. And then I couldn’t get this idea out of my head of a snack idea that I read about: fry apples in coconut oil, add cinnamon, raisins, and sliced almonds. Um, yum. It was so freaking good I wanted two more bowls right away. But I resisted. Those ingredients are all Whole30 compliant, but the dish doesn’t really follow the “spirit of Whole30” (snacking like that is missing the point of the whole thing!).
 photo photo2_zps8f4899cf.jpg
I took a short nap with Parks this afternoon (Hollis was with Gramme), and when I woke up I was starving! That always seems to happen to me when I take a nap. So, I threw together a salad (red leaf lettuce with one hardboiled egg, tomato, avocado, cucumber, olive oil and balsamic vinegar). I also made a blended drink that’s similar to something I often make in my non-Whole30 days: coconut milk, half a banana, two soaked dates, one scoop of unsweetened cocoa powder, and one scoop of coconut oil. Sooo yummy (and not pictured).
 photo photo3_zps5cf5ef93.jpg
I made this Chicken Pot Pie Crumble, which is absolutely delicious. I’ve made it before using the dairy free and grain free version, so I knew it was good that way. I’m not sure if the “crumble” topping is necessarily the best idea for Whole30, but it was a meal that sounded good and I know Bret likes it. Sorry for the absolutely terrible photo.
 photo photo4_zps37b02780.jpg

It was a good day. Still feels pretty “easy” – not too bad and I’m not having any major cravings. Although it was a bit hard feeding Hollis her homemade granola with yogurt and raw milk, I might have been drooling a bit.


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