{Whole30} Day 7

I can’t believe I already completed the first week! It’s a very good feeling. Felt more of that crazy focused feeling today. I wouldn’t quite call it “energy”, because I actually felt rather tired today, but I had much more focus and motivation to get things done. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my sleep. Parks still wakes me up several times a night, even more so now since he’s been sick. But in the last few nights I’ve noticed I fall back asleep after getting up with him SO much more quickly, and I also have such a hard time waking up when I do hear him in the night – I’m in such a deep sleep that it takes me awhile to come out of it. Now if I could just actually get more than 4 hours in a row…

Leftovers from yesterday (veggie frittata + bacon).

Another salad with tuna salad on top + avocado, like yesterday. Also added half a baked sweet potato on the side.
 photo IMG_4936_zps137ebcd3.jpg

Homemade spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash noodles, and broccoli on the side. One of my favorite tricks with making spaghetti sauce: I’ve figured out how to add tons of veggies to your sauce! I grate up carrots, zucchini, chopped green peppers, chopped celery. Nobody notices, and if anything it adds some great additional flavor.

Ok, full disclosure about this meal: I pulled this sauce out of the freezer, from a batch that I made about a month ago (I love to do double batches and freeze half for another meal!). I was so excited to have such an easy dinner to cook tonight: my spaghetti squash was already cooked and prepped and in the fridge, and I just had to heat up the sauce and cook the broccoli. As I was dishing up all our plates, it hit me: when I made the sauce last month, I had thrown in two frozen ice cube-sized chunks of homemade pesto. Homemade pesto that had PARMESAN CHEESE in it. Crap. My plate was literally dished up when I realized this. What to do? I thought about how the original batch of sauce was about 7 quarts total. And the amount of pesto that had been added was 2-3 tablespoons. And the pesto had just a small amount of cheese in it. So, my serving had MAYBE, at most a PINCH of cheese? I’m really hoping that wasn’t enough to mess with my body. I’m pretty disappointed. But I thought through all that quickly and decided to go ahead and eat it. Might not have been the best decision, but, it is what it is. Somebody tell me I didn’t just ruin 7 days of Whole30??
 photo IMG_4971_zpsf492bf73.jpg


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