{Whole30} Resources

I thought I’d share some favorite resources regarding Whole 30, for any of you out there that may be considering it! For me personally, I had been reading some paleo blogs and doing some paleo cooking for almost the last year, so the whole concept of the Whole 30 didn’t sound as terribly overwhelming as it would have if I was completely unfamiliar with it all. So at the very least, maybe check out some of these blogs and resources, and start wrapping your head around the concept! 🙂

First Things First
It Starts With Food: This is the book by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the creators of Whole 30. “Summarizing the science in a simple, accessible manner. It Starts With Food shows you how certain foods may be having negative effects on how you look, feel and live – in ways that you’d never associate with your diet.” In other words, read this book to get a better and more simple grasp on how you can use food to positively impact your wellbeing and health. Along with the easy to follow information, this book will also be your manual to prepare for and successfully complete your own Whole 30.

FAV BLOGS (paleo/grain free living/clean eating)

Food Renegade
The Detoxinista
Delighted Momma
Food Babe

Whole 30 Resources
The Whole 30 Forum: I’ve spent (probably) too much time pouring over entries from fellow Whole 30 enthusiasts. Here, you can pretty much find the answer to any question you might have. Can I eat ____? How do I make ketchup that’s Whole 30 compliant? Where can I find bacon that’s Whole 30 compliant? I want to eat some cheese!!! Lots of good stuff here.

Instagram: Go to the “search hashtags and users” tab and then search hashtags. Type in #whole30 and it’ll come up with lots of related options. I like to scroll through this feed whenever I need inspiration for a meal. I’ve come across lots of great ideas so far! Lots of simple recipes, or people sharing a link to a blog with more recipes.

Can’t Live Without
Some foodie favorites to help make your Whole 30 journey easier:
Ghee: aka clarified butter. This is butter that has been “clarified” to remove all the milk solids. So, it’s lactose free – only the butter oil remains. This also means that you can cook at higher temperatures with it! So versatile and tasty. (Coming soon, a post on how to make your own ghee! Super simple and saves big $$!)
Coconut Milk: This is the only coconut milk I’ve found that has no additives (guar gum or other nasties) and also comes in a BPA free can. Sold! Buy it by the case on Amazon and save. I don’t necessarily LOVE coconut milk, but it’s great in some recipes, good in smoothies, and just a handy ingredient to have around when you’re avoiding dairy!
Coconut Aminos: this is a soy sauce replacement, that’s made from coconut sap. It’s definitely not as flavorful and strong as soy sauce, but a nice alternative to have! (Soy is a no-no on Whole 30. Not to mention lots of people are soy intolerant).

I think that’s all for now. I’ll continue to add to this list as I think of more things!


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