{Whole30} Day 10

I’ve been thinking how I’ve said a few times on here “this isn’t very hard!” I think I want to clarify, in case I ever do a Whole 30 again, so that I can remember what exactly I meant by that :). When I say “this isn’t very hard” I am referring to the point that I am eating plenty of really delicious food, I am not hungry, and I have such a great reason to be challenging myself in this way that it all feels worth it. Also, I love a good challenge now and then :). But yes, there are absolutely foods that I miss! I fantasize throughout the day about sinking my teeth into a piece of sprouted sourdough toast with a thick slab of pastured butter and raw honey on top. I could really go for a glass (or two) of wine right now. When I’m mixing up a bowl of homemade nut granola with yogurt and raw milk for the kids, it takes all I have in me to not lick the yogurt spoon or take a few *small* bites here and there. But ultimately, I (obviously) am not suffering. I am breaking old habits – not necessarily bad but also not necessarily good – and replacing them with new, better habits. I love the focus on making each meal as nutrient dense as possible: replacing the starches and grains with plenty of protein and fresh veggies, and always take a healthy serving of fat along with it. I felt like I practiced this a lot already, but with forcing myself to remove grains, I am prioritizing other foods even more now. Also, these first ten days have opened my eyes to how much I used sweeteners throughout the day: no, I never used refined sweeteners such as white or brown sugar, but I was always adding a bit of honey here to my toast, a bit of maple syrup there to my oatmeal, a bit of honey here to my tea, a bit of honey there to my smoothie. And I don’t necessarily think those practices are bad. It’s just been really interesting to be made more aware of these habits, and to (hopefully) continue to be more aware going forward. Good stuff.

I found a bag of frozen pumpkin puree, and happened to stumble upon a recipe for grain free pumpkin pancakes, so I decided I must give them a try. It was a nice change to my usual eggs for breakfast, and yet it was still very protein filled. I probably should have added another veg on the side, but I ran out of time and figured the pumpkin in the pancakes would have to do. ๐Ÿ™‚ After I took this photo, I added a little applesauce on top of the pancakes, and sprinkled a handful of blueberries. Delish! (Oh, also, I tried that Costco bacon again. This time when I was frying it up in the pan, I sprinkled a little extra salt on top = big improvement).
 photo photo2_zpse1607bfa.jpg

Tried out this recipe for Salmon and Acorn Squash Cakes, along with this Raw Kale Salad. A little tomato and avocado on the side made for a yummy and well rounded meal! I really really liked these salmon cakes, and love the fact that you can cook up several at a time and then save the rest for easy meals later. (Sorry for the terrible picture, I remembered half way through my meal that I needed a pic still).
 photo photo1_zps59ccadd5.jpg

I started this Balsamic Glazed London Broil in a marinade a few days ago, so the meat ended up being super flavorful. Loved it! I think that marinade would be great on any type of steak. (Note about the above linked recipe: he doesn’t say how much balsamic vinegar to add, so I just threw in about a half a cup. Also, I thought one cup each of olive oil and ACV sounded like a ton, so I cut both of those down as well, maybe to 2/3 cup?) We had some broccoli and asparagus grilled along side of it, and then I had a few leftover sweet potato wedges. No pic because it was late and I forgot. ๐Ÿ™‚


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