{Love It} Lately

This week I am loving…

 photo IMG_5529_zpsfe42926d.jpg
My sweet pea soaking up the sun. I’ve taught her well!

 photo IMG_5525_zpsdf00c970.jpg
Slowly reintroducing dairy, but mostly continuing to eat clean. (Full Whole30 wrap up post coming soon!)

 photo IMG_5531_zps09f80700.jpg
Brother and sister having fun together….

 photo 54927fa9-0155-46be-b1c5-13795bc4e0ba_zps4e4657ec.jpg
….which gave me some time to sit in the sun and read this book. Challenging, inspiring, takes my breath away.

 photo IMG_5528_zps6f938f05.jpg
Sweet sleeping boy.

 photo IMG_5526_zps091002e1.jpg
New necklace, from here. The shop owner told me the dots mean “I Love You” in braille. Hope it’s true?!

 photo IMG_5530_zps4b2d316d.jpg
Precious new niece, Hadley Lynne, born today! Cannot wait to meet and hold this little sweetie.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “{Love It} Lately

  1. www.mdhaneyco.com

    Hi Jord!! Your mama gave my your blog address…..what a treat to look over the past posts!!! The kiddos are getting so big, miss you sweet friend!! Way to go on the WHOLE30 days, you are such an inspiration!!

    1. bakerLove Post author

      Aw, thank you Darc! I am so glad my mom shared it with you! You and your sweet blog were part of my inspiration to finally do this thing! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear news about your new sweet babe, whenever that may be. And I hope to meet her and see the rest of you sometime in the near future! xoxo


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