I am a baker, and I am a Baker! Ha! My name is Jordan Baker and I love being in the kitchen, food (duh), photography, Truth, and most of all my hubby and two kids!

I am passionate about:

Being a mom! The start of my motherhood journey also led me on an exciting and fascinating exploration into the world of natural living. I’ve been called a Hippie, “One of those granola people”, a Weirdo – and I’ll gladly wear any one of those badges in the name of living a lifestyle that I think is best for my family and our environment! Not to mention, I just get excited about this stuff!

My sweet girl Hollis just turned three, and my baby boy Parks is 17 month.

-Whole Foods
-Natural and Organic
-Local when possible
-Campaigning and educating against GMOs!
-(Trying) to grow my own food

Natural and Healthy living
Finding and sharing ways to remove toxic products from our lifestyle and environment

As you can see, this is a fairly new blog. I have been wanting to do this for years now, and finally have bit the bullet! I am still learning and figuring out the ways of the blog world. I cannot wait to share all the things I learn on my daily journey of healthier living: recipes, resources, tips and tricks. And I will also be using this a scrapbook of things I love. If you have any tips, questions, thoughts, or comments, please feel free to share! Thank you for reading!



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