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{Whole30} Day 23

Only seven days to go! In some ways I am so ready for it to be over. In other ways I don’t really mind and it’s easier than I expected it to be. There is so much to process through in what I’ve learned and what I’ll take away from this. I will for sure be keeping up a lot of these new habits. I love being so intentional about incorporating tons of veggies into each meal. I love being mindful of getting plenty of protein and fat in each meal. I’d say lunches and dinners haven’t been hard to make the switch, and I see many paleo style meals in our future, post-Whole30. I really love the practice of replacing the starch in your meal with more veggies.

Breakfast is the one meal that I sometimes crave something different. A BUTTER, a piece of toast, soaked oatmeal once in awhile, the occasional paleo pancake WITH some real maple syrup, BUTTER…those are things that might sneak their way back in once in awhile :). I also miss my sweeteners. I’ve said before, I don’t use refined sugar, ever. But I do enjoy some healthified paleo-style treats now and again. And coconut sugar in my coffee. And honey in my tea. Ahhhh, yes, I have learned new and important habits. But I also am not afraid of some of the ones I had pre-Whole30. I will strive for a healthy balance going forward!

I’ve had this two days in a row: an egg scramble with chicken sausage, zucchini, and mushrooms, and those mini sweet peppers (my new obsession!). And then I decided to give this Sweet Beet Smoothie a try. Sounds gross, I know. It’s actually quite delicious! And the kids chugged it down. I was inspired to make it because I had a container of steamed beets in the fridge that needed using up. Then when I came across this recipe for the smoothie, I noticed that it called for cooked beets. Now, I can’t say that I would ever go through the trouble of cooking beets just for this smoothie (they’re really a bit troublesome to cook, what with the peeling and inevitable pink-stained hands). But because I already some cooked and in the fridge, I decided to give it a go. And it was so good yesterday (and I had enough beets left over) that I made it again today! Also, it should be noted that I’m not really a huge smoothie fan. I like the idea of them. But then when it comes time to drink it I usually get about half way through and lose interest. Something about the texture? But this one I had no trouble at all getting down.
 photo f6098e9a-40cd-4a8c-b603-8b40a602a35b_zps383bd29d.jpg
 photo F8199E79-CBA1-44BD-9377-EB88A813F94D-3925-0000023CCCFF9D40_zps8ac34021.jpg
*recipe notes: I omitted the protein powder and the honey. I added about 5 ice cubes just because I like my smoothies really cold and somewhat slushie. And I added a handful of frozen kale just to see if I could get away with it – didn’t taste it at all!

My sweet mother in law took me and the kids out for a day downtown. We tried the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised to immediately find something on the menu that needed very few changes to make it Whole30 compliant! I went with the Salad Nicoise with Herb and Garlic Salmon. It was so good! In case you’re not familiar (and since I forgot to take a photo), Salad Nicoise is a traditional French salad with hard boiled egg, green beans, capers, tomatoes, red onion, and potatoes. I believe it is traditionally topped with tuna, but I was happy to have mine with salmon. I of course omitted the potatoes, and used oil and vinegar for my dressing. Very very good and I’m excited to recreate it at home sometime.

This dinner was a total Hail Mary that turned out as a win. We were getting ready to leave the house this morning when I decided at the last minute that I really wanted to try and come up with something to slow cook while we were gone, since I knew we would have a late afternoon and I would be crunched for time to make dinner. I literally ran out to the freezer in the garage and scanned the shelves. I found a hunk of round steak, ran it inside, cut the plastic off, and plopped it in my dutch oven. Then I poured a jar of Trader Joe’s Organic Tomatillo Salsa on top and added a little water. I put the lid on and threw it in the oven (250) and said a little prayer. When we got home five hours later, the house smelled heavenly. I pulled it out and things were looking hopeful! I cut up the meat into smaller chunks so that they could all nestle into the sauce a bit more. I had a head of cauliflower that I really needed to use up, so I decided to try making some “rice”, which I thought could be a good accompaniment for some saucy chunky meat (just take your food processor to your cauliflower until it’s in tiny pieces, and then boil those for 5-10 min and strain. Rice!). Sauteed a sliced zucchini, and we were good to go! At the last minute I decided to throw some diced avocado on top of the meat+rice. Heaven. Seriously, it was so good. Full disclaimer, though: Bret wasn’t really a fan. He wasn’t a hater, but he wasn’t excited about it. So, I’m not sure if I’m the weirdo or if he’s the weirdo. Try it at your own risk!
 photo 8A73B0D4-F5EC-477C-BE27-2B008E85D7C4-3925-0000023CC4E582D0_zpsc3ec164e.jpg


{Whole30} Day 12

Veggie Frittata and sweet potato hashbrowns (also avocado on the side, not pictured). I ordered 10 POUNDS of these sweet potatoes from my food co-op (Azure Standard). Annnnnd they sent me the white kind. I don’t even know if they carry the orange kind, but I was pretty disappointed that I ended up with the white kind. And now I have about 9.5 more pounds of ’em sitting on my shelf. Anyone want some?
 photo IMG_5100_zps36da29e7.jpg

Spinach Salad with warm bacon grease dressing. Mmmmhmmm that’s as good as it sounds. Love this recipe, and I added avocado and tomato this time.
 photo IMG_5101_zpsb0964db9.jpg

Grace and I got to continue our favorite activity of Eating Out. We went to Downriver Grill, one of my favorite Spokane Restaurants. I was excited to see that they revamped the place a bit (updated look) and changed the menu a bit. Was it just me, or have they lowered their prices?! I mean, $24 for a NICE grassfed Steak with veggie + starch sides? Pretty impressive. And yes, it was delicious. And yes, I subbed my starch for a salad. FTW. (No pic unfortunately. It was dark in there, not to mention I forgot).

{Whole30} Day 1

I am seriously so excited for this challenge.  Yes, it will be challenging.  But I just cannot wait to see the results of what it does for me!  I am really hoping to see changes in my energy levels, my digestion and stomach aches, and my skin.  Bring it on!

Breakfast:So, I kinda screwed myself on day 1…I didn’t have any eggs.  Oops.  I thought I had enough for at least my breakfast, but opened the fridge to find they were gone.  So, I had a non-breakfast for breakfast.  Last night’s leftover salmon, sauteed some kale, and then half an avocado.  Wasn’t too excited about it, but managed to choke it down.  Off to an…ok start?

 photo 25656d76-a856-495e-bfd5-dc8866fb998f_zpse4ecca87.jpg
Lunch: Luckily, I was able to text my neighbor (egg supplier) and her son ran some eggs over for me. So, I had breakfast for lunch. Egg scramble with chicken sausage and red pepper, and sliced tomato and avocado on the side.
 photo dc43fb6c-ce68-4ce2-9073-4d478bdde217_zps33881198.jpg

Snack: I was heading out to meet a friend for a coffee date at a cute little bakery/cafe. I was scared and didn’t want to try to deal with ordering something safe, so I made a smoothie and drank it on the way. Problem solved. It was frozen cherries, kale, a scoop of coconut oil, scoop of almond butter, and coconut milk. Next time I’d rather leave the almond butter out, and just eat a handful of almonds with it.

Dinner: So good!! Healthy Shake ‘n Bake Chicken with sweet potato fries and broccoli. Bret and the kids loved it! I will definitely make this again, Whole 30 or not! Ooooh, I just had another thought…you could fry these up in some expeller pressed coconut oil (flavorless) = more crispy, and still a healthy fat!
 photo df5b48f6-d7ff-4b08-852b-098e6f4849bb_zpsdca293bc.jpg
I finished the evening with a small glass of kombucha+pellegrino. All in all it was a great day. It was easy! Says the girl on Day 1….