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{Whole30} Day 14

As you can see, this was not an “ideal” breakfast. Not very heavy on the protein, nor heavy on the veggies. And, I definitely felt it! I was hungry less than two hours after eating. Compared to one of my better breakfasts which can last me 4+ hours. Lesson learned! I had leftover veggie fritatta, avocado, and a bowl of pineapple and blueberries.
 photo IMG_5127_zps0bafe284.jpg

Leftover pot roast from last night.

Dinner needed to be quick and easy tonight! I filled a skillet with diced sweet potatoes and sliced chicken apple sausage. I wanted to get them good and crispy (I’m not a fan of soft sweet potatoes). A pan on sauteed green beans on the side (add a little coconut aminos + orange juice right at the end to give it a nice flavor kick!). This was actually REALLY good! Even Bret loved it (he usually hates the chicken sausage).
 photo IMG_5128_zps0dbafe5f.jpg