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{Whole30} Day 12

Veggie Frittata and sweet potato hashbrowns (also avocado on the side, not pictured). I ordered 10 POUNDS of these sweet potatoes from my food co-op (Azure Standard). Annnnnd they sent me the white kind. I don’t even know if they carry the orange kind, but I was pretty disappointed that I ended up with the white kind. And now I have about 9.5 more pounds of ’em sitting on my shelf. Anyone want some?
 photo IMG_5100_zps36da29e7.jpg

Spinach Salad with warm bacon grease dressing. Mmmmhmmm that’s as good as it sounds. Love this recipe, and I added avocado and tomato this time.
 photo IMG_5101_zpsb0964db9.jpg

Grace and I got to continue our favorite activity of Eating Out. We went to Downriver Grill, one of my favorite Spokane Restaurants. I was excited to see that they revamped the place a bit (updated look) and changed the menu a bit. Was it just me, or have they lowered their prices?! I mean, $24 for a NICE grassfed Steak with veggie + starch sides? Pretty impressive. And yes, it was delicious. And yes, I subbed my starch for a salad. FTW. (No pic unfortunately. It was dark in there, not to mention I forgot).