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{Whole30} Day 15

I have officially completed two weeks of the Whole 30! In some ways it’s gone so fast and has seemed pretty easy. In other ways I cannot believe it’s only been two weeks…feels like forever since I’ve had butter :). I am feeling pretty good. I’ve definitely felt some energy surges, but honestly nothing quite as extreme as some of the testimonials I’ve read. Really wish I could a full night of sleep so that I could get a true feeling of what the difference is! Regarding sleep though, I am definitely noticing that I am sleeping more soundly and falling asleep quicker than normal. When one of the kids wakes up at night, it seems like it takes me forever to actually wake up, even though I’ve been hearing the cry for several minutes. I am noticing some changes in my skin, too. It’s certainly not perfect but the overall surface and appearance is smoother. And, it’s not dry at all! This time of year I ALWAYS have at least one little dry patch somewhere on my face, and also usually one on my arm. There are definitely none of those, not to mention my skin just feels soft and supple. Like if I were to forget to put lotion on at night, it wouldn’t really matter.

Going forward for the remaining two weeks I am excited about continuing to mix it up and try new recipes. I think one of the keys to Whole 30 is to keep a variety going in your meals. I don’t mind eating up leftovers, but it’s also good for me to always have 2-3 recipes in my head that I know I want to try. I am continually scanning the #whole30 hashtag on Instagram to get new ideas and inspiration. Breakfast is definitely the hardest, since it’s hard to come up with much variety! And I also just don’t have a lot of time in the morning, what with my two little hungry rascals that are hanging on my legs :).

Speaking of a lack of variety, I basically recreated my dinner from last night. Couldn’t help it, that fried sweet potatoes + chicken sausage combo was so good! This time I added diced green pepper and spinach to the mix. And then threw a couple fried eggs on top. Avocado on the side, of course.
 photo IMG_5132_zps4f4c2484.jpg

More pot roast.

I recently picked up some Green Tea Matcha powder, after reading this post. I gave it a try today in a little smoothie concoction that I came up with:

one cup coconut milk
one frozen banana
one spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder
one spoonful of coconut oil
probably 1.5 tsp of green matcha powder
a couple ice cubes

It was SO good! I didn’t really taste the powder so I would probably add more next time. Loved it though!

More pot roast. Ummmm didn’t feel like cooking. The kids had already been fed and put to bed, and Bret was making a steak. So I just ate what I could find to get it over with!


{Whole30} Day 1

I am seriously so excited for this challenge.  Yes, it will be challenging.  But I just cannot wait to see the results of what it does for me!  I am really hoping to see changes in my energy levels, my digestion and stomach aches, and my skin.  Bring it on!

Breakfast:So, I kinda screwed myself on day 1…I didn’t have any eggs.  Oops.  I thought I had enough for at least my breakfast, but opened the fridge to find they were gone.  So, I had a non-breakfast for breakfast.  Last night’s leftover salmon, sauteed some kale, and then half an avocado.  Wasn’t too excited about it, but managed to choke it down.  Off to an…ok start?

 photo 25656d76-a856-495e-bfd5-dc8866fb998f_zpse4ecca87.jpg
Lunch: Luckily, I was able to text my neighbor (egg supplier) and her son ran some eggs over for me. So, I had breakfast for lunch. Egg scramble with chicken sausage and red pepper, and sliced tomato and avocado on the side.
 photo dc43fb6c-ce68-4ce2-9073-4d478bdde217_zps33881198.jpg

Snack: I was heading out to meet a friend for a coffee date at a cute little bakery/cafe. I was scared and didn’t want to try to deal with ordering something safe, so I made a smoothie and drank it on the way. Problem solved. It was frozen cherries, kale, a scoop of coconut oil, scoop of almond butter, and coconut milk. Next time I’d rather leave the almond butter out, and just eat a handful of almonds with it.

Dinner: So good!! Healthy Shake ‘n Bake Chicken with sweet potato fries and broccoli. Bret and the kids loved it! I will definitely make this again, Whole 30 or not! Ooooh, I just had another thought…you could fry these up in some expeller pressed coconut oil (flavorless) = more crispy, and still a healthy fat!
 photo df5b48f6-d7ff-4b08-852b-098e6f4849bb_zpsdca293bc.jpg
I finished the evening with a small glass of kombucha+pellegrino. All in all it was a great day. It was easy! Says the girl on Day 1….