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{Whole30} Day 11

Bacon and eggs. Needed a veg and decided I’d just use up the last of the Raw Kale Salad from yesterday. Kind of a weird combo, but it did the job!
 photo IMG_5069_zpsc36a637c.jpg

My wonderful friend Grace is in town visiting me from Colorado this weekend! Kind of bad timing to be on Whole 30, since we normally LOVE going out to eat and trying new restaurants. But, it didn’t stop us! We had a delicious lunch at Sante, one of my favorite restaurants downtown. I had the grassfed beef burger, without a bun or cheese or condiments, of course. I got the veggies that go with it, and then a side salad with olive oil and vinegar. Absolutely delicious, and such a treat to eat out! I didn’t remember to take a pic until about halfway through:
 photo IMG_5068_zpsa65d2681.jpg

Grace and I had a smorgasbord of leftover, since there were alot that needed to be eaten up. I had some of the london broil from the night before, with a side of sauteed Rainbow Chard, and some steamed beets on top. I drizzled balsamic vinegar on top of it all. Yum!
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{Whole30} Day 10

I’ve been thinking how I’ve said a few times on here “this isn’t very hard!” I think I want to clarify, in case I ever do a Whole 30 again, so that I can remember what exactly I meant by that :). When I say “this isn’t very hard” I am referring to the point that I am eating plenty of really delicious food, I am not hungry, and I have such a great reason to be challenging myself in this way that it all feels worth it. Also, I love a good challenge now and then :). But yes, there are absolutely foods that I miss! I fantasize throughout the day about sinking my teeth into a piece of sprouted sourdough toast with a thick slab of pastured butter and raw honey on top. I could really go for a glass (or two) of wine right now. When I’m mixing up a bowl of homemade nut granola with yogurt and raw milk for the kids, it takes all I have in me to not lick the yogurt spoon or take a few *small* bites here and there. But ultimately, I (obviously) am not suffering. I am breaking old habits – not necessarily bad but also not necessarily good – and replacing them with new, better habits. I love the focus on making each meal as nutrient dense as possible: replacing the starches and grains with plenty of protein and fresh veggies, and always take a healthy serving of fat along with it. I felt like I practiced this a lot already, but with forcing myself to remove grains, I am prioritizing other foods even more now. Also, these first ten days have opened my eyes to how much I used sweeteners throughout the day: no, I never used refined sweeteners such as white or brown sugar, but I was always adding a bit of honey here to my toast, a bit of maple syrup there to my oatmeal, a bit of honey here to my tea, a bit of honey there to my smoothie. And I don’t necessarily think those practices are bad. It’s just been really interesting to be made more aware of these habits, and to (hopefully) continue to be more aware going forward. Good stuff.

I found a bag of frozen pumpkin puree, and happened to stumble upon a recipe for grain free pumpkin pancakes, so I decided I must give them a try. It was a nice change to my usual eggs for breakfast, and yet it was still very protein filled. I probably should have added another veg on the side, but I ran out of time and figured the pumpkin in the pancakes would have to do. 🙂 After I took this photo, I added a little applesauce on top of the pancakes, and sprinkled a handful of blueberries. Delish! (Oh, also, I tried that Costco bacon again. This time when I was frying it up in the pan, I sprinkled a little extra salt on top = big improvement).
 photo photo2_zpse1607bfa.jpg

Tried out this recipe for Salmon and Acorn Squash Cakes, along with this Raw Kale Salad. A little tomato and avocado on the side made for a yummy and well rounded meal! I really really liked these salmon cakes, and love the fact that you can cook up several at a time and then save the rest for easy meals later. (Sorry for the terrible picture, I remembered half way through my meal that I needed a pic still).
 photo photo1_zps59ccadd5.jpg

I started this Balsamic Glazed London Broil in a marinade a few days ago, so the meat ended up being super flavorful. Loved it! I think that marinade would be great on any type of steak. (Note about the above linked recipe: he doesn’t say how much balsamic vinegar to add, so I just threw in about a half a cup. Also, I thought one cup each of olive oil and ACV sounded like a ton, so I cut both of those down as well, maybe to 2/3 cup?) We had some broccoli and asparagus grilled along side of it, and then I had a few leftover sweet potato wedges. No pic because it was late and I forgot. 🙂

{Whole30} Resources

I thought I’d share some favorite resources regarding Whole 30, for any of you out there that may be considering it! For me personally, I had been reading some paleo blogs and doing some paleo cooking for almost the last year, so the whole concept of the Whole 30 didn’t sound as terribly overwhelming as it would have if I was completely unfamiliar with it all. So at the very least, maybe check out some of these blogs and resources, and start wrapping your head around the concept! 🙂

First Things First
It Starts With Food: This is the book by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the creators of Whole 30. “Summarizing the science in a simple, accessible manner. It Starts With Food shows you how certain foods may be having negative effects on how you look, feel and live – in ways that you’d never associate with your diet.” In other words, read this book to get a better and more simple grasp on how you can use food to positively impact your wellbeing and health. Along with the easy to follow information, this book will also be your manual to prepare for and successfully complete your own Whole 30.

FAV BLOGS (paleo/grain free living/clean eating)

Food Renegade
The Detoxinista
Delighted Momma
Food Babe

Whole 30 Resources
The Whole 30 Forum: I’ve spent (probably) too much time pouring over entries from fellow Whole 30 enthusiasts. Here, you can pretty much find the answer to any question you might have. Can I eat ____? How do I make ketchup that’s Whole 30 compliant? Where can I find bacon that’s Whole 30 compliant? I want to eat some cheese!!! Lots of good stuff here.

Instagram: Go to the “search hashtags and users” tab and then search hashtags. Type in #whole30 and it’ll come up with lots of related options. I like to scroll through this feed whenever I need inspiration for a meal. I’ve come across lots of great ideas so far! Lots of simple recipes, or people sharing a link to a blog with more recipes.

Can’t Live Without
Some foodie favorites to help make your Whole 30 journey easier:
Ghee: aka clarified butter. This is butter that has been “clarified” to remove all the milk solids. So, it’s lactose free – only the butter oil remains. This also means that you can cook at higher temperatures with it! So versatile and tasty. (Coming soon, a post on how to make your own ghee! Super simple and saves big $$!)
Coconut Milk: This is the only coconut milk I’ve found that has no additives (guar gum or other nasties) and also comes in a BPA free can. Sold! Buy it by the case on Amazon and save. I don’t necessarily LOVE coconut milk, but it’s great in some recipes, good in smoothies, and just a handy ingredient to have around when you’re avoiding dairy!
Coconut Aminos: this is a soy sauce replacement, that’s made from coconut sap. It’s definitely not as flavorful and strong as soy sauce, but a nice alternative to have! (Soy is a no-no on Whole 30. Not to mention lots of people are soy intolerant).

I think that’s all for now. I’ll continue to add to this list as I think of more things!

{Whole30} Day 8

The last two days have been wierd – I haven’t felt very hungry. Both yesterday and today I ate breakfast at 8:30, and never really felt super hungry until about 1:30. That is very abnormal for me! I did have a few nuts and maybe a couple bites of Hollis’ apple in between, but I didn’t even have my customary morning tea or coffee. Only eating when I feel hungry and feeling satisfied after meals for longer periods of time? I’ll take it!

I felt like switching things up this morning, and so I busted out the food processor to try out a new breakfast idea that I had seen on instagram: Cauliflower Rice “Porridge”. You basically chop up your cauliflower in the food processor, until it’s about the same size as rice. From there, you’re options are endless (use it as stir fried rice, use it as cauliflower mashers, and more)! I chopped up the whole head of cauliflower. I used about 1/3 of it for breakfast, and the rest for dinner, which you will see below. For this breakfast, you basically cook up your cauliflower rice in a skillet with coconut oil, and then after a few minutes add 1/2 a mashed banana and some coconut milk. Then you just stir for a few minutes until the porridge cooks up and gets soft. Put it in a bowl and top with chopped nuts, chia seeds, berries, and more coconut milk. The verdict? At first all I could think about was how much better it would be with a dash of maple syrup drizzled on top! Then I decided to try throwing some raisins on, and that actually helped alot. Next time I would add the raisins to the skillet mixture though, so that they could warm up in the liquid and get nice and soft. By the end of the bowl, I was very satisfied! I would say I downright enjoyed it. Oh, and the kicker? My kids gobbled it up (WITHOUT maple syrup too!). For the win. Oh, I also had two eggs on the side, just to make sure I got enough protein with the meal. I would make this again, especially when I can have maple syrup with it 🙂
 photo IMG_4982_zps1df03d47.jpg

Used up the rest of my tuna salad, on a salad, again.
 photo IMG_4936_zps137ebcd3.jpg

It was decently nice out today, so the kids and I walked down to the neighbor’s house after their naps to get some more eggs. By the time we got home, they were both getting a bit cold, so we headed back inside. Maybe the fresh air and walk gave me an energy boost or something, because I then decided we should have a picnic! In the living room! On our carpet! For some reason I thought that laying down two towels would be enough to contain our mess. Haha.

I busted out some a hardboiled egg, some gouda cheese (for the kids, obvi), pistachios, an orange, and some pepperoni slices and we all went at it. Things went fine for awhile, until Parks started going after the hardboiled egg. And then trying to throw bits of yolk into the pistachio jar, then rubbing his yolk-y little hands all over the place, then spilling his milk, etc. I really wish I would have taken a photo at this point…Anyways, all that to say that that was my afternoon snack. And, check this out, best pepperoni ever:
 photo IMG_4988_zps2c2ead8e.jpg
It’s a little pricey so I wouldn’t buy it all the time as a snack, but for Whole 30 I’m enjoying having it around.

I scouted around the ole internets for a meatball recipe, and came up with this one: Crockpot Asian Meatballs. Now, I found and decided on this recipe at about 5 pm, so clearly I did not have time to use the crockpot, but I figured I would just bake them. I would say I wasn’t too stoked on the final product….but alot of that was my fault. Her crockpot version with the sliced onions underneath sounds WAY more appealing than what I ended up with. I did chop up an onion to add to my meatball mixture, but I definitely did not chop it finely enough, and there were onion chunks sticking out. Not so cute. Also, her recipe called for 1 tablespoon of garlic powder. I’ve never heard of such a huge amount of garlic powder in a recipe!? So I did tone it down a bit, probably only used around 2 teaspoons. I should have followed my instinct more because even that was too much. Next time I would only do 1 tsp, max. However, who knows what the difference would be if they were in the crockpot?! Anyways, I wasn’t too stoked on them, but Bret said they were good and actually enjoyed the meal.

About that other 2/3 of the head of cauliflower rice? I wanted to try and make some sort of “fried rice” to go with the Asian meatballs. So I fried up the “rice” in a skillet with some coconut oil and ghee. When it was about done I set it aside in a bowl. Then in the same skillet I fried up some super thin sliced (using a mandolin) veggies. This is one of my latest favorite quick veggie sides. If you slice your veggies with a mandolin, they are so much thinner and therefor cook so much faster! Not to mention you save time slicing (mandolin = quicker than chopping with a knife). My current favorite combo, especially for Asian inspired dishes is carrots, celery, and cabbage. So, fry those up in your oil, add the cauliflower rice back in once they’re cooked, and splash a little coconut aminos on top of it all. Done and done. It was a great combo with the meatballs!
 photo IMG_5007_zps7f6b553d.jpg

{Whole30} Day 7

I can’t believe I already completed the first week! It’s a very good feeling. Felt more of that crazy focused feeling today. I wouldn’t quite call it “energy”, because I actually felt rather tired today, but I had much more focus and motivation to get things done. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my sleep. Parks still wakes me up several times a night, even more so now since he’s been sick. But in the last few nights I’ve noticed I fall back asleep after getting up with him SO much more quickly, and I also have such a hard time waking up when I do hear him in the night – I’m in such a deep sleep that it takes me awhile to come out of it. Now if I could just actually get more than 4 hours in a row…

Leftovers from yesterday (veggie frittata + bacon).

Another salad with tuna salad on top + avocado, like yesterday. Also added half a baked sweet potato on the side.
 photo IMG_4936_zps137ebcd3.jpg

Homemade spaghetti sauce with spaghetti squash noodles, and broccoli on the side. One of my favorite tricks with making spaghetti sauce: I’ve figured out how to add tons of veggies to your sauce! I grate up carrots, zucchini, chopped green peppers, chopped celery. Nobody notices, and if anything it adds some great additional flavor.

Ok, full disclosure about this meal: I pulled this sauce out of the freezer, from a batch that I made about a month ago (I love to do double batches and freeze half for another meal!). I was so excited to have such an easy dinner to cook tonight: my spaghetti squash was already cooked and prepped and in the fridge, and I just had to heat up the sauce and cook the broccoli. As I was dishing up all our plates, it hit me: when I made the sauce last month, I had thrown in two frozen ice cube-sized chunks of homemade pesto. Homemade pesto that had PARMESAN CHEESE in it. Crap. My plate was literally dished up when I realized this. What to do? I thought about how the original batch of sauce was about 7 quarts total. And the amount of pesto that had been added was 2-3 tablespoons. And the pesto had just a small amount of cheese in it. So, my serving had MAYBE, at most a PINCH of cheese? I’m really hoping that wasn’t enough to mess with my body. I’m pretty disappointed. But I thought through all that quickly and decided to go ahead and eat it. Might not have been the best decision, but, it is what it is. Somebody tell me I didn’t just ruin 7 days of Whole30??
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